Haunted Yard

The Johnson's go full out on their Halloween decorations every year and are known to always have the scariest yard in town. The cats, bright eyed pumpkins and even spirits... They look so real! Wait...are they??

Are you brave enough to make it across a haunted yard? Will you give in to your fears or will you keep trying and reach the goal?


Haunted Yard is a top down adventure game where you play as a brave trick or treater making his way through a spooky yard. On your journey you face mischievous pumpkins whose eyes glow with revenge, evil spirits that send chills down your spine and angry black cats that won't stop hissing at you. The goal of the game is to reach the house and get to the big bowl of candy that sits on the porch.  The eerie creatures will try to scare you so try to avoid them. You can also pick up delicious candy throughout your journey which you can cash in for some useful perks!

Now go on, prepare your candy bucket and don't give up! 


  • A key - walk left
  • D key - walk right
  • Space - eat candy
  • M key - mute sounds (while in game or in upgrades shop)


This game was made as a submission for the 48 hour Wholesome Games Jam of the Wholesome Games Discord community. The theme of the jam was "Don't give up."

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsVita, Troisnyx, SnowyOwl
Made withUnity
TagsHalloween, Top-Down, Top Down Adventure

Development log


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Really nice game, loved the art style and the music fit nicely. Sprites and animations were very well done and the collision system worked very well. Upgrades were a nice touch and i didn't feel like they overpowered you too much but also could notice the benefits of them as well so very well balanced.

Game gets increasingly fast and towards the end is insane so i felt like a badass completing it!

Would have been cool for an infinite loop to go for a crazy score but felt pretty good getting to the end and getting 100 candies!

Overall really nice game, very impressed with the time frame this was built in, good job!


1257 meters, I'm okay with that. :)

Quite a fun little game with a very easy to understand concept that gets a lot of replay value with the upgrades and the high score. The music is nice (always a fan of harpsichords), the artwork is quite fitting (especially love the black cat) and the interface also does a good job at showing everything that's important in a pleasing way. Neat!


Thank you very much for the positive feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the game :D


1581 meters! This was really fun and really well polished. Really love the music and art!

That's very kind of you, and we're all glad you enjoyed it. ^_^ Thank you for playing!

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14:55 I think this might have not been added to the jam on itch? But I found it on the discord. Cool but very strict rule of inlevel resource = upgrade resource

Thanks for the feedback and playing! And also thanks for the reminder I think we actually forgot to submit the game in the end but I'm glad you still found it :D


Super nice (and spoooky!!) I got to 1678m, I really love the drawings and the music is really nice!

Nice that's pretty far! Thanks for the kind words, glad you liked it! :D


Wahhhhh I love the music a lot! It fit's the game a lot!

I got up to 1038M

Thank you so much! Them's kind words. <3


The animation at the start is super fun and the art is amazing! Can't believe you did it all in 48 hours!

Thank you! Haha I too am pretty happy with how much we've done in the given time. Thanks for the feedback! :D